Raices Y Brazos began as a vision, seeded by observation and intention. When the founder, Peter Domecq, moved to the Baja area he began to connect with the creative community, the artists, the healers, the performers, those seeking to expand, educate, and explore. It was acknowledged that a beautiful and powerful community existed yet there was no central venue for these people to converge, to share ideas, to explore realities, and to inspire each other.

The venues were mostly hotels, resorts, spas and bars. It was also observed that much of the valuable knowledge, insight and experience these beings had to share was not accessible to most of the local people. These realizations combined with the inspiration to build bridges within the local community; across gender, ethnicity, tribes, generations and socioeconomic stratifications, and between this local community and the global community.

To facilitate a meeting place where the local community can cross pollinate with the global community. Where individuals can explore their roots, their connection to the earth, and also extend their branches and reach for the heavens. Where individuals and groups can take an active role in the evolution of consciousness and the consciousness of evolution. This is envisioned to be a co creative process, and thus was the vision received, with the intention to manifest a space and invite the community to then transform that space into a place, into a dynamic, living, evolving, positive, intentional organism called Raices Y Brazos, Roots and Branches.


To operate the organization in such a way that improves the quality of the lives of the local community, the national and international communities.  To connect people through education, communication and conscious evolution on an equal level, across generations, cultures and social stratification.


To operate the organization in a way that supports the growth and sustainability of the local economy, the investment of the stakeholders, and the careers of the employees.


To act in accordance with the natural cycles. To implement the best practices in all our activities so that our overall impact can be positive.To continuously evaluate and deepen our connection, understanding, and responsibility to the natural environment.


To facilitate and support the individual and collective pursuit towards conscious evolution, improvement of the human experience and awakening to the divine self.

The mission of Raices y Brazos, Roots & Branches, is to aspire to inspire.

We aim to foster and facilitate integral exploration and growth of the individual and collective consciousness. To provide an intergenerational and cross cultural melding pot for all to come together as students and teachers alike.

We are here to inspire collective growth, change, consciousness, creativity and evolution. to come together and communicate, learn from each other with understanding, compassion, kindness and peace… We support no dogma, we are what you see and you see as you are, we are here as a dynamic living organism assisting in the universal process of evolution and self realization… feedback loops to infinity and spirit guides the way as we dance the cosmic dance.

Creating sustainable connections on every level and layer… 

An incubation tank for light, love, purpose and meaning… it comes from inside…

Welcome home

Raices y Brazos, meaning “roots and arms / branches”, is an integral community and wellness center. The name encompasses the intention of connecting the heavens and the earth, seeking balance, and rooting in the local community while branching out to the greater global community…

Areas of Exploration Include: Art, Music, Yoga, Dance, Healing, Spirit, Ecology, Activism, Education, Organizing and Community Building… 

Fostering community and growth in San Jose del Cabo and beyond, we aspire to inspire!


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LOTO Wellness Center

Our network of certified professional therapists offer the following services:

  • – Temazcal: Sweat Lodge
  • – Nutritional Counselling
  • – Transpersonal Psychology
  • – Alphabiotics
  • – Swedish Massage
  • –  Deep Tissue Massage
  • – Tai Yoga Massage
  • – Shiatsu
  • – Watsu
  • – Reiki
  • – Transformational Breath
  • – Hot Stone Therapy
  • – Reflexology

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OM Studio

Our studio offers a wide variety of yoga styles with varied intensity for all types of bodies and personalities. Our teachers can help you navigate the many practice options and find the perfect practice for you.

Daily classes and intensive workshops.

Qualified teachers available for consultation and private classes.








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La Semilla

As a regenerative living and ecology education center, La Semilla aims to steward the land and human interactions with it in the most intelligent, productive and positively impactful way.

Inquiring into the possibility of finding appropriate and universally-beneficial ways for humans to re-integrate with the natural world, La Semilla will be a demonstration site for the holistic and ecologically centered design of each division of our daily lives including food production, living space, community and education.

La Semilla will focus on zero waste closed loop systems, agroforestry, permaculture, natural building, sustainable food production, land restoration, earth stewardship, regenerative design, ecological design, community building, dirt worshiping and tree hugging…

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At Raices Y Brazos we have very clean and comfortable accommodations available to those who wish to visit our intentional community, just to pass through, to learn, to share, or to stay with us for a while.

 We have both a shared bunk room and various private bedrooms available.

 These rooms share a communal kitchen and various bathrooms.  While staying here you have direct access to the local creative community.  Access to all classes offered at the center, incredible healers and therapists, an amazing organic restaurant in the garden, and access to the watsu pool when not in use for a session.

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Maya Boutique

A holistic boutique store featuring:

  • Yoga props and clothes.
  • Fine jewellery to adorn your body and your temple.
  • Crystals and mystical products.
  • Educational books, local arts and gifts.
  • Natural body products, aromatherapy and incense.
  • Musical Instruments.

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Sabor de Amor

At Sabor de Amor we are dedicated to supporting the local community and our natural environment by offering only the finest local organic produce and other organic ingredients. 

We aim to be your source for organic fruits and produce, organic bulk products, specialty health products, live foods and other information and products to nourish your body and soul.

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