La Semilla: Regenerative Living & Ecology Center opens its arms to volunteers as an opportunity to share and receive in our effort to support sustainability education and initiatives within the world community.  The Volunteer Exchange program at La Semilla is an opportunity to join a new and growing community in its first years of developing a holistic vision for living, demonstrating and teaching what it means to live & work in a “regenerative” manner on our planet.


We are seeking individuals who are interested in joining us in the everyday work of building this vision and can bring with them a commitment to community and development as a process requiring creativity, discipline, self-initiation, proactive engagement and at the same time, whimsical play. 


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2010-2011 Projects Achieved

•Community Mapping & Project Development

•Organic & Ecological Teaching Farm Establishment

•Community Gardens Establishment

•Green Building Center Establishment

2011-2012 Project Plan

•Non-Profit Status Achieved

•Community Council Establishment

•Fundraising Campaign & Non-Profit Development

•Early & Continuing Education Program Development

•Living Pharmacy Program Establishment

•Ecological Forest Gardens Establishment

•Food & Seed Preservation Initiated