You have the opportunity throughout the coming season to join us at the center to birth our collective vision.  We are interested in your ideas, your passion, your questions and most of all, your partnership!  We are actively seeking individuals who would like to join our Participatory Development Committees and work with us at La Semilla!

Participatory Development Committees & Focus Groups

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Design & Build Projects (Eco-Dwellings & Living Structures)

Community Gardens

Community Compost Facility

Organic Farm & Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program

Edible Forest Gardens & Agroforestry Projects

Community & Children’s Education Programs

Livestock & Animal Husbandry Program

Public Relations, Marketing & Networking



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  • Design & Build Projects (Eco-Dwellings & Living Structures)

  • Synopsis:  We want La Semilla to be a playground… a place to live… a place to experiment… a place to gather as a community.  For all of this, we envision land rich in ecologically-designed living and communal structures including eco-dwellings, sacred ceremony spaces, an outdoor kitchen, composting toilet system, grey-water catchment system, and beyond.
  • Action Plan:  It’s time to dream, design and create!  We would like to experiment with traditional ecological design and take as many opportunities as possible to integrate local approaches and local materials in the process.


  • Community Gardens

  • Synopsis: Special space has been set aside at La Semilla for community garden plots, which will be available to rent annually.  Individuals, families and organizations are welcome to rent a plot with the benefit of on-site watering, composting, and guidance from the La Semilla farm team.  A garden plot can provide enough vegetables and herbs to meet a family’s needs for an entire growing season and offers precious opportunity to gather together as a community to share skills, knowledge and company.
  • Action Plan:  Plots will be established soon!  An accompanying irrigation and composting system should be set up and an outreach campaign should be initiated.  La Semilla is actively seeking out one to two individuals who would like to coordinate the Community Gardens in exchange for a plot of their own.


  • Community Composting Facility

  • Synopsis:  The Community Composting Facility seeks to reclaim organic matter that would otherwise be disposed of as waste in homes and businesses in the San Jose Del Cabo community. This organic matter can instead be redirected into a composting system to yield “black gold,” the most precious resource in any agricultural system!
  • Action Plan:  This project is at its beginning.  A site has been set aside for its conception, but the rest is yet to be seen.  The Composting System & Facility require designing, building and eventually, coordination.


  • Organic Farm & Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program

  • Synopsis: Food system integrity is at the crux of ecological stewardship and sustainability.  The farm at La Semilla seeks to model and investigate current approaches to organic and ecological agriculture.  It also seeks to experiment with structures such as a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) program to provide for an economically-viable model of food production & distribution within the community.
  • Action Plan: The farm and CSA program have begun their season.  As of yet, we have cleared the fields and begun seeding the season’s crops.  Potential projects for the season will include the establishment of:  Bokashi, compost & vermicompost systems; a gravity-fed, solar-powered irrigation system; perennial & medicinal herb gardens; a value-added foods project; and more!


  • Edible Forest Gardens & Agroforestry Projects

  • Synopsis:  Harnessing the wisdom and longevity of our local ecological system, we can design food systems that exhibit all the true characteristics of system stability, self-sufficiency being primary. As food production systems that are designed to mimic the structure and function of young and old forests, edible forest gardens seek this end.  The forest gardens and agroforesty projects are an investigation into how we can partner with our local environment in order to achieve an abundant harvest while also regenerating and sustaining the land that serves us.
  • Action Plan:  This project is in its genesis.  To begin with, we would like to establish an inventory of local plants and their uses; an agroforestry nursery & seed bank; and an edible forest garden design.


  • Community & Children’s Education Programs

  • Synopsis:  At the core of its mission, La Semilla is an educational vehicle, demonstration site and solution generator.  A Children’s Education program for the public and private schooling system is in development. It will deliver educational programs through vegetable garden plots, workshops and training of school personnel. It will also host student groups on the farm for hands-on workshops in animal husbandry, food production and sustainable living technologies.
  • Action Plan:  This project has already had its first meetings and is at a great start.  We will continue to develop accessible educational models for the local school systems and investigate ways to involve the children in both public and private schools.  A number of schools are already signed up developing pilot projects, such as tending their own community plot to experience all the phases of natural food production.   One ecology club is forming that will be doing a native plant inventory of La Semilla and the surrounding bioregion.  Further development within this committee will focus on working directly with the children, defining and refining programs and interactive projects, and investigating ways to integrate with more youth.


  • Livestock & Animal Husbandry Program

  • Synopsis: A farm system is incomplete without its animal partners—goats, sheep, chickens, emus, rabbits… the list goes on—they are our partners in soil stewardship, weed maintenance, and insect control.  La Semilla will be an exploration into the ways in which animals can be integrated into the farm system for self-sufficiency and food production.
  • Action Plan:  There are so many routes to take with animal husbandry!  Initial project ideas include the construction of livestock corrals and chicken tractors & the design of forage zones. There is a lot of room to grow with this project (as with them all)!


  • Public Relations, Marketing & Networking

  • Synopsis: “Each One, Teach One” is the La Semilla creed.  We want La Semilla to be a community-driven project, reflecting the needs, desires and dreams of those in our region who would like to share in the pursuit of regenerative living. In this light, public relations, marketing and networking become very important activities. There is so much knowledge, skill, experience and talent amongst our community… if we join together, who knows what is possible!
  • Action Plan:  It is time for an outreach campaign!  We would like to bring families, teachers, students, travelers and organizations to join us at La Semilla to share their skills, knowledge, inspirations and questions.  The outreach campaign can take many forms and we are interested in launching it on many levels from the Internet to farmer’s market outreach.  We are seeking creative and enthusiastic individuals who believe in the La Semilla vision and want to share that with others.