Special space has been set aside at La Semilla for community garden plots, which will be available to rent annually.  Individuals, families and organizations are welcome to rent a plot with the benefit of on-site watering, composting, and guidance from the La Semilla farm team.  A garden plot can provide enough vegetables and herbs to meet a family’s needs for an entire growing season and offers precious opportunity to gather together as a community to share skills, knowledge and company.


Dates of Availability: December 6th – June 1st

Cost: 1,500 pesos

Includes: On-Site Watering, Tool Library, Composting Site & Farm Crew Guidance

Special Offer! La Semilla is actively seeking out one to two individuals who would like to coordinate the Community Gardens in exchange for a plot of their own.


If interested in a plot or getting involved in our projects, email us at [email protected]!