Regenerative Living & Ecology Center

The word ecology with its roots in Greek, literally means the study of home, or living relations. At La Semilla, we will be inquiring into exactly that: how we live with and interact with our home, our environment, our community, and all our living relations.

As a regenerative living and ecology education center, La Semilla aims to steward the land and human interactions with it in the most intelligent, productive and positively impactful way. Inquiring into the possibility of finding appropriate and universally-beneficial ways for humans to re-integrate with the natural world, La Semilla will be a demonstration site for the holistic and ecologically centered design of each division of our daily lives including food production, living space, community and education. La Semilla will focus on zero waste closed loop systems, agroforestry, permaculture, natural building, sustainable food production, land restoration, earth stewardship, regenerative design, ecological design, community building, dirt worshiping and tree hugging…

La Semilla will not only be a model of sustainable and regenerative approaches to our daily lives, but also a gathering place for community education, visioning and action. As such, we will foster education through programs with the surrounding community, schools, families and other organizations.

In these efforts and intentions, a strong community of support will be needed to make this a reality.  This center is about you, your community, your family, your children, and our home.  This will only be possible if we all make it possible together.