OSHO Mystic Rose/ Rosa Mística
de Osho en Cabo with/con Varidhi

INFO & RSV www.oshomysticrosemexico.weebly.com

con Moksha: 624 159 3153 [email protected]
con Peter Domecq: 624 129 8442 [email protected]

The Mystic rose is a powerful, playful, releasing and tender technique which goes beyond the mind directly to the unconscious.

It lasts three weeks, three hours per day:
The first week we laugh, the second we allow the tears, and the third week we sit in silence and dance softly…watching.

February 8 to 28. From 6:30 to 9:30 pm every day.
At “La Semilla Regenerative Living and Ecology Center”, close to the San José Organic Market.

Contribution: 600 usd.

Varidhi lived with Osho for many years. He is the leader of the Osho Afroz Meditation Center in Lesbos, Greece. He is in charge of Mystic Rose trainings at the Osho Multiversity in Pune, India and has facilitated this process since 1990 in countries like India, China, Japan, Mexico and all over Europe.
You can read more about the process at:

La Rosa Mística es una técnica poderosa, juguetona, liberadora y sutil que va más allá de la mente y directamente al inconsciente.

Tiene una duración de tres semanas, tres horas al día:
La primera semana reímos. La segunda permitimos el llanto y la tercera nos sentamos en silencio y bailamos suavemente, observando…

Del 8 al 28 de Febrero de 6:30 a 9:30 pm todos los días
En “La Semilla”, cerca del Mercado Orgánico de San José

Aportación: 600 dólares

Varidhi vivió con Osho durante muchos años, es el líder del Osho Afroz Meditation Center en Lesbos Grecia y entrenador en el proceso de la Rosa Mística en la Osho Multiversity en Puna, India. Ha facilitado este proceso desde 1990 en India, China, Japón, México y varios países de Europa.

Más información sobre el proceso en:

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Surrender and Grace

Jan 31, 2010 by RaicesyBrazos


Remember ones self.

Through practice, through dedication, through intention, through acceptance, through surrender.  Through changing the automated self, the programed actions, responses, we remember the self, we become present.  The cord of the violin makes sound when tension and friction are applied.  The skin of the drum makes sound as a reaction to force, to being hit.  We are able to so fluidly move through space from the forces of gravity and friction, these limits, these restricitons, these binding forces allow for beauty and freedom to be exressed. 

Through surrendering the ego, through surrendering the past and future thought, we become present.  In true presence, remembering ones self, we achieve a state of grace.

Day one:  East, wind, opening the front body

Flow, control, balance, surrender

What an incredible first day of this exploration.  Everything unflods as it needs to.  I was reminded that over a month ago I had said, "It would be nice if we could just have this retreat here, between Raices and the new farm land."  And so it is!  Teaching and asana practice in the morning focusing on backbends, opening the front body and continuing the exploration of the five elements through the two traditions.  A beautifuly instructed aukward yet flowing practice, intended to bring the attention back to the self, through the senses, to "remember your self".  Followed by divine nourishing food and then an intense and very real afternoon and evening of tending the sacred fire, entering the inipi (sweatlodge) and communing with mother nature in the womb.  May all our prayers be hear.

To All My Relations


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Organic Catering by Sabor de Amor!

Apr 9, 2009 by RaicesyBrazos

Through Raices and our healing work at Sabor we have created a market for Catering retreats, conscious events, gatherings and parties…

Some Picts from our catering gigs:

Happy body helps happy mind and happy soul…  beautiful experiences, thank you all and many more to come!

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