“Ecstatic Stillness”
Retreat in San Jose del Cabo,
May 2nd- 6th, 2012

Sisters and Brothers,

It is time now to come together again, to call to Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, in Love, for Wisdom of our Place in the Beauty Ways of the Ancients. I am honored to invite you to a gathering to explore your present situation through Rituals Gifted to Us from Wakan Tanka, Great Spirit, and Unci Maka, Grandmother Earth.

We have entered into precarious, accelerated, and Blessed times. We are experiencing this in our own individual ways, yes, and collectively too, we are experiencing much of the same things. Financial worries, health concerns, changes in relationships, feelings of wanting… Change. The highs, and lows, extreme… it seems. Ecstatic and Desperate.

So though these accelerated times are offering us all challenges now, we know there is Great Opportunity. We are coming together in this retreat to explore what is moving now, and how to navigate within the stillness of our Center. The sacred space within our selves to be guided in how to utilize this time and the energies that are moving so as not to get caught up in the swirling of doubt and confusion.

How is what’s moving at this time affecting you?

How are you feeling as you look… out at the World? …in at your self?

Do you see the collective, your oneness with IT all? Your place in “IT”?

What are your deepest questions stirring at this time?

How do they effect you?

What is most important to you right now?

We will be coming together in sacred space, on our land – La Semilla in San Jose del Cabo, to Remember the old, the new, and our Self, here and now. To create sacred space. To remember how to listen forto our questions at this time. Through the ancient traditions of Indigenous people’s, through Ceremonies that bring us Home, we will open ourselves to the Tremendous Blessings being offered us, and bring ourselves to the place of Celebration with Gratitude that You Are Here… Now!

I am honored to announce that Wolf Martinez is returning to Cabo to bring his beautiful way, medicine, and Ceremony. He will be our guide and emissary for this retreat. We will participate in Inipi’s (Sweat Lodges), Breathwork, Heart Circles, Trance Dance and other experiential exercises as vehicles on this journey. Wolf is a dear Brother to me, and teacher. He is a Sundancer, facilitator of Ceremony and retreat, Guide and Healer. He has traveled internationally for many years bringing the Life giving Gifts to many peoples, in many lands. He will also be available for private sessions during his stay here in Cabo.

Suggested $300 sliding us donation includes 3 meals/day for 4 days!

Participants are greatly encouraged to be present for the diuration of the retreat to receive the full ness as one event feeds the next. We will stay on the land for the duration of the retreat is the fertile soil for our deepest connection! A chance to connect deeply and to Be in the true nature and balance of life*

With Prayers and Gratitude,
Robin Clements

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