Don Lauro de la Cruz

Sacerdote Maya conocido por la
tradición indígena como “Sanador”
y Monje Tibetano de la tradición Bön.

“Veo un solo pueblo de corazón unido,
una sola raza viviendo en armonia”

El propósito de Don Lauro de la Cruz es enseñarnos a armonizar nuestra energía con el objetivo de abrir el corazón e ir creando las conexiones que nos capaciten para descubrir que todos somos parte del tejido cosmico y que podemos influir individualmente en el todo.

La sabiduría de Don Lauro atrae a decenas de personas de todo el mundo. A sus cursos asiste gente de todo México, de Centro y Sudamérica, los Estados Unidos, Canadá y Europa.

Don Lauro recrea en sus trabajos grupales el ensueño, la risoterapia y la Danza Sagrada para propiciar que las personas se encuentren a si mismas.

En sus cursos, los asistentes igual danzan, ríen a carcajadas o simplemente se suman en su inconsciente a través de la Danza del Dragon, la del Águila, el Tigre y rituales de origen maya, que son acompañados por tambores y el eco de los caracoles.

Para Don Lauro, que es considerado un Hombre de Medicina, el principio básico de la vida está en el CORAZÓN. Tiene grupos en todo México, asi como también en diferentes lugares del mundo.

Es un encuentro grupal para trabajar distintos niveles de estrés que alteran nuestro estado de conciencia y que en muchas ocasiones no nos permiten relacionarnos como queremos o
tener los resultados que deseamos.

Esto nos da la oportunidad de descubrir de manera individual e inmediata técnicas que nos permitirán resolver cualquier evento cotidiano, laboral, emocional y profesional.

Esta dirigido a las personas que desean trabajar su yo interno para equilibrar la energía y sus emociones. Las personas que deseen vivir una experiencia diferente en contacto con su yo y nuestro yo espiritual. Con ese Dios universal (Cristo,Madre Maria, Buda, Jehova, etc ) que nos llena de amor y de sanación.

Fecha: Lunes 14 de Mayo
Horario: 5pm
Ubicacion: Huerta La Semilla, San Jose del Cabo
Costo: Donativo sugerido de $400 pesos o más
(nadie sera excluido por falta de fondos, si requieres asistencia, contactanos)

Favor de traer offrendas para el altar, despues del taller estan invitados a quedarse en La Semilla para una fogata y pizza, traigan algo de comer o beber para compartir…


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Cabo San Lucas:
Domingo, 13 de Mayo 12pm,
Uma Yoga Sanctuary,
Av. Lopez Mateos S/N entre Morelos
y Zaragoza Col. Ejidal
Habra sanación y curación.
Sesión individual.
Donación mínima de
$50.00 pesos por persona.
Ser requiere un manojito de albahaca y
un huevo por persona por limpia.

Pagina Facebook

San Jose del Cabo:
Domingo 13 de Mayo 5pm,
Raices Y Brazos,
Julia Navarrete y G. S/N,
Colonia Chamizal,
Habra sanación y curación.
Sesión individual.
Donación mínima de
$50.00 pesos por persona.
Ser requiere un manojito de albahaca y
un huevo por persona por limpia.



Don Lauro de la Cruz

Mayan priest known in the indigenous tradition as a “Healer” & Tibetan
Monk in the Bon tradition

“I see only one people with a united heart,
just one race living in harmony”

The purpose of Don Lauro de la Cruz is to teach us how to harmonize our energy with the objective of opening the heart and creating conections that train us to discover that we are part of the cosmic web and we can, as individuals, on the all.

The wisdom of Don Lauro draws dozens of people from all over the world. His courses are attended by people from all over Mexico, Central & South America, the US, Canada & Europe.

Don Lauro, in his group work, recreates lucid dreaming, laughter therapy & Sacred Dance to help people find themselves.

In his courses, the participants dance, laugh or simply connect unconsciously through the Dance of the Dragon, of the Eagle, the Tiger and rituals with mayan oriigin, which are accompanied by drums and the echo of conch shells.

For Don Lauro, who is considered a Medicine Man, the basic principle of life is in the HEART. He has groups all over Mexico and the world.

This a group gathering to work different levels of stress which alter our state of consciousness which on many occasions don’t permit us to relate the way we want or get the results we want.

This is our opportunity to discover our persoanal way and techniques which will permit us to resolve any common work, emotion or personal situation.

This work is geared towards those who wish to work on their inner selves to balance their energies and emotions. People who wish to have a unique experience in contact with their inner or spiritual self. With the universal God (Christ, Mary, Buddha, Jehova, etc…)

Date: Monday May 14th
Time: 5pm
Location: Huerta La Semilla, San Jose del Cabo
Price: suggested donation of $400 pesos or more
(no one turned away for lack of funds, if you need assistance, contact us)

Please bring offerings for the altar, Following the workshop people are invited to stay at La Semilla for a fire and some pizza, bring food or drink to share…


Facebook Event


Cabo San Lucas:
Sunday, May 13th 12pm,
Uma Yoga Sanctuary,
Av. Lopez Mateos S/N entre Morelos
y Zaragoza Col. Ejidal
Minimum donation
$50 pesos/person
You’ll need a bunch of basil
& an egg for each person.

Facebook Page

San Jose del Cabo:
Sunday, Mayo 13th 5pm,
Raices Y Brazos,
Julia Navarrete y G. S/N,
Colonia Chamizal
Donación mínima de
Minimum donation
$50 pesos/person
You’ll need a bunch of basil
& an egg for each person.


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by Robin Clements & Brian Heart of Baja Wellness

May 4,5,6, 2012

Friday 3-7pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm

Have you ever wanted to learn to share healing touch? Is your heart open? Would you like of be of service?

Whether it’s for work, to share with friends and loved ones or to complement other vocations such as teachers, trainers, coaches, therapists, doctors, nurses, counselors, etc… massage is a valuable skill that is a gift to be able to share.
Robin & Brian have over 30 years of experience between them. During this brief but concentrated training you will learn the essential techniques to help you give world class spa quality massage.

No previous experience necessary, although it is a plus.

Course cost: $1,300 pesos


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This Sunday April 22, 1-4pm, after the free community Yoga Class, bring the clothes, shoes and accessories you don’t wear anymore, in exchange for a neighbors gently used clothing…. It’s a community effort to make some space in your closet (or fill up your closet) and any excess clothing will go to the local non-profit Ligamac…. It’s a win-win event!
Please remember to bring only clothing, as this is a smaller event….

Facebook Event

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“Ecstatic Stillness”
Retreat in San Jose del Cabo,
May 2nd- 6th, 2012

Sisters and Brothers,

It is time now to come together again, to call to Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, in Love, for Wisdom of our Place in the Beauty Ways of the Ancients. I am honored to invite you to a gathering to explore your present situation through Rituals Gifted to Us from Wakan Tanka, Great Spirit, and Unci Maka, Grandmother Earth.

We have entered into precarious, accelerated, and Blessed times. We are experiencing this in our own individual ways, yes, and collectively too, we are experiencing much of the same things. Financial worries, health concerns, changes in relationships, feelings of wanting… Change. The highs, and lows, extreme… it seems. Ecstatic and Desperate.

So though these accelerated times are offering us all challenges now, we know there is Great Opportunity. We are coming together in this retreat to explore what is moving now, and how to navigate within the stillness of our Center. The sacred space within our selves to be guided in how to utilize this time and the energies that are moving so as not to get caught up in the swirling of doubt and confusion.

How is what’s moving at this time affecting you?

How are you feeling as you look… out at the World? …in at your self?

Do you see the collective, your oneness with IT all? Your place in “IT”?

What are your deepest questions stirring at this time?

How do they effect you?

What is most important to you right now?

We will be coming together in sacred space, on our land – La Semilla in San Jose del Cabo, to Remember the old, the new, and our Self, here and now. To create sacred space. To remember how to listen forto our questions at this time. Through the ancient traditions of Indigenous people’s, through Ceremonies that bring us Home, we will open ourselves to the Tremendous Blessings being offered us, and bring ourselves to the place of Celebration with Gratitude that You Are Here… Now!

I am honored to announce that Wolf Martinez is returning to Cabo to bring his beautiful way, medicine, and Ceremony. He will be our guide and emissary for this retreat. We will participate in Inipi’s (Sweat Lodges), Breathwork, Heart Circles, Trance Dance and other experiential exercises as vehicles on this journey. Wolf is a dear Brother to me, and teacher. He is a Sundancer, facilitator of Ceremony and retreat, Guide and Healer. He has traveled internationally for many years bringing the Life giving Gifts to many peoples, in many lands. He will also be available for private sessions during his stay here in Cabo.

Suggested $300 sliding us donation includes 3 meals/day for 4 days!

Participants are greatly encouraged to be present for the diuration of the retreat to receive the full ness as one event feeds the next. We will stay on the land for the duration of the retreat is the fertile soil for our deepest connection! A chance to connect deeply and to Be in the true nature and balance of life*

With Prayers and Gratitude,
Robin Clements

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Saturday April 14th, 10pm
at Sabor de Amor (after Luna Itzel)

Baja, Mexico-based-by way of Minneapolis-guitarist Todd Clouser and his band, A Love Electric, make their Royal Potato Family recording debut with 20th Century Folk Selections. The album, which is part of a series of releases planned for 2012 by the much buzzed about young jazz artist, collects eight interpretations of songs he calls “folkloric in nature.” Ranging from his anthemic take on protest singer Malvina Reynolds “Little Boxes” to a psychedelicized, guitar freak out on the Beastie Boys iconic “Gratitude,” Clouser displays a muso’s appreciation of songs and styles through the lens of jazz-inspired improvisation.

A Love Electric
A Love Electric encarnando el espíritu internacional en la escena de la música creativa, banda formada por músicos de México, Los Estados Unidos y Argentina y ofreciendo presentaciones por Latinoamérica, Estados Unidos y Europa, ha logrado obtener un lugar en el circuito musical contemporáneo. A Love Electric es liderada por el guitarrista Todd Clouser, y con su sello característico influenciado por el Groove del Jazz-Rock, han pasado de actuar en un pequeño club a ser firmados por las renombradas firmas discográficas Ropeadope Records y Royal Potato Family Records (New York, NY), en tan solo un año.

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Come see Randy and Mark play easy-listening rock, blues and country at the beautiful setting of Raices Y Brazos Thursday night @ Sabor de Amor

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Este y todo los Miercoles, Microfono Abierto en Sabor de Amor

Los Miercoles son noche de Microfono Abierto en Sabor de Amor, traigan sus instrumentos, su voz, poecia u otro talento, dejen su timidez en casa y comparten lo que tienen.

El horario de las presentaciones comienza a las 8pm en la secuencia en la que se enscriben los artistas.

Promociones Especiales:
1 rebanada de Pizza y 1 cerveza de barril (Baja Brewery) $60pesos

Pizza Grande con dos cervezas de barril (Baja Brewery) $250pesos

Tambien contamos con especial del dia y menu abierto


This and every Wednesday at Sabor de Amor

Wednesday’s we’ll be hosting Open Mic Night at Sabor de Amor, bring your instrument, voice, poetry or other talent, leave your timidness at home, and come show us what you got.

The line-up will be made each Wednesday starting at 8pm on a first come first served basis.

Special Promotions:

Slice of Pizza and 1 Beer on tap (Baja Brewery) $60pesos

Large Pizza with 2 beers on tap
(Baja Brewery) $250pesos

We also offer a daily special
and full menu


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Living in Flow Arts – Full Moon Regeneration Baja Retreat April 5th, 2012 (Thurs) – April 8th, 2012 (Sun)At Baja, MexicoJoin Shiva Rea , Demetri Velisarius, Robin Clements and local ShamansReturn to the elements for sacred communion at the tip of Baja on the Sea of Cortez – one of the worlds most precious aquatic meccas. We will create our yoga oasis on the beach with our main camp and live in natural light, bathed by the Full Moon at night and the healing sun during the day.Retreat includes:* Sunrise and sunset global mantra meditation + pranayama ** Prana flow yoga sessions to explore the full spectrum of energetic vinyasa from vira (dynamic) to sahaja (spontaneous flow)** Prana Danda Yoga – prana flow with a danda (staff )** partner massage for regeneration ** Sacred Breathwork ** Full Moon movers + shakers yoga-trance dance + fire spinning ** 3 meals a day of primarilly raw organic Baja Live Cuisine prepared with love by Sabor de Amor ** living yoga sadhana satsang with Shiva under the starts with beach bonfire ** swimming and surfing in the healing ocean ** Temazcal sweatlodge guided by our local Shaman Andres **10 elective hours if registered in the teacher training programCost:$3000 pesos or $900 pesos/dayorUS$225 (US$80/day) before March 15US$275 March 16 and afterPrice includes all meals, solar showers, communal tent spacesThe tribe will be camping on the beach. We suggest bringing a tent and a warm sleeping bag and there will also be dorm style sleeping options in the 2 large domes for those without tents.Deluxe option available – A 2 person geodesic dome with beautiful canvas covers, floors, sacred geometry, windows, sleeping pads and bedding – Extra cost $2000 pesos (US$200), must book by mid march.Additional Options:Kayak – $20/dayMassage – $85/hour, on the beachSurf Lessons – $50 per person for board rental + 2 hour lessonSnorkel Gear Rental – $10/dayAirport drop off and pick up – US$30 each wayCustom made Temazcal (sweatlodge) on the beach by our favorite local Shaman – $40 per person*please reserve any additional options by March 15Suggestions for what to pack:Warm clothes, tent, warm sleeping bag, 2 towels, bathing suit, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, yoga matTRAVEL:Flights arrive in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico (SJD)TO REGISTER: Call Robin Clements – 011 52 1 624 145 2801FACEBOOK EVENT GROUP for participant connection + event updates:http://www.facebook.com/events/235969856492496/

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Taller de Continum Movement

Apr 3, 2012 by Brian

Continuum Movement: Medicina en Movimiento

Te invitamos a fluir!!

Continuum Movement nos ofrece un espacio para pausar de la rapidez en que la sociedad moderna nos está llevando y a re encontrarnos con nuestros ritmos internos.

Es un método poderoso que nos invita a movernos más allá de nuestros límites de pensamiento y patrones habituales de movimiento, ampliando la visión de nuestro cuerpo por uno flexible, adaptable y fluido
De manera autentica, espontanea y creativa utilizamos diferentes sonidos, respiración y movimientos sutiles explorando nuestra naturaleza acuosa. Desarrollamos nuestra capacidad de auto sanar, nos reestructuramos mental y físicamente; inclusive a nivel celular.

Utilizando Continuum Movement liberamos la energía bloqueada en nuestros tejidos celulares. Al mismo tiempo permitimos un mejor flujo de información biológica y amplificamos la conexión dentro de nosotros mismos, con los demás y con la naturaleza.

Todos los fluidos, ya sea a nivel celular, corporal o planetario, funcionan como una sola inteligencia y nunca pueden ser separados.
“La característica principal de cualquier sistema de fluido es su habilidad de transformarse a si mismo”
-Emilie Conrad-

Algunos beneficios son:

*Incrementa la vitalidad,

*Relaja de manera profunda,

*Provee una sensación de bienestar

*Desarrolla fuerza interna y flexibilidad

*Revitaliza huesos, articulaciones

*Despierta la creatividad, sensualidad y receptividad

*Promueve la confianza en la sabiduría del cuerpo de sanar

Continuum es una modalidad muy eficaz de curación a través de movimiento muy recomendada para ayudar a equilibrar el cuerpo. No se requiere experiencia previa.Es apto para personas de todas las edades y niveles de condición física. www.continuummovement.com

Este taller sera impartido por Marcella Bottero, quien es profesora autorizada de Continuum Movement.

Para ver flyer: http://www.continuummovement.com/docs/flyers/mexico-span.htm

Ven a compartir con nosotros esta experiencia enriquecedora!!

Centro Raices y Brazos
Viernes 4 de mayo de 7 a 10pm
Sábado 5 de mayo de 1pm a 6pm
Domingo 6 de mayo de 1pm a 6pm

Contribucion es de 2’500 pesos o $200 dolares

informes: Sylvia Ramirez
624 14 70165
[email protected]

Continuum Movement: Movement Medicine

Come flow with us!!!!!

Continuum Movement invites us to pause from the fast pace of modern life and allows us reconnect with our own internal biological rhythms.

It challenges us to move beyond our limited thinking and our habitual patterns of movement, it helps open the possibility for knowing our body as adaptable and fluid.

In a creative and spontaneous manner we use sound, breath and subtle movements to discover our fluid nature. This exploration allows us to reconnect with our self healing capabilities and to restructure ourselves at all levels.

In Continuum Movement we liberate blocked energy from our tissues, allowing us to be open to receiving greater biological information and widen the capacity to reconnect with ourselves, others and nature.

All fluids, whether in the cell, the body or the planet, function as a resonant intelligent whole and can never be separated.
“The primary characteristic of any fluid system is its ability to keep transforming itself.”
– Emilie Conrad-

Some of the benefits Continuum offers

* Increases vitality

* Provides a deep sense of relaxation and overall wellbeing

* Develops strength and flexibility

* Revitalizes bones and joints

* Opens up our creativity, sensuality and receptivity

* Reconnects us with trusting the body and its healing capabilities.

Continuum is an extremely effective healing movement modality for different body imbalances and limitations. No prior experience is required .Persons of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. www.continuummovement.com

This workshop will be offered by Marcella Bottero, who is a authorized Continuum Movement teacher.

To see flyer:http://www.continuummovement.com/docs/flyers/mexico-eng.htm

Come join us!!

Raices y Brazos center
friday may 4th- 7-10pm
saturday may 5th- 1-6pm
sunday may 6th-1-6pm

Contribution is 2´500 pesos o 200 dolares

Information: Sylvia Ramirez
624 14 70165
[email protected]

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