Surrender and Grace

Jan 31, 2010 by RaicesyBrazos


Remember ones self.

Through practice, through dedication, through intention, through acceptance, through surrender.  Through changing the automated self, the programed actions, responses, we remember the self, we become present.  The cord of the violin makes sound when tension and friction are applied.  The skin of the drum makes sound as a reaction to force, to being hit.  We are able to so fluidly move through space from the forces of gravity and friction, these limits, these restricitons, these binding forces allow for beauty and freedom to be exressed. 

Through surrendering the ego, through surrendering the past and future thought, we become present.  In true presence, remembering ones self, we achieve a state of grace.

Day one:  East, wind, opening the front body

Flow, control, balance, surrender

What an incredible first day of this exploration.  Everything unflods as it needs to.  I was reminded that over a month ago I had said, "It would be nice if we could just have this retreat here, between Raices and the new farm land."  And so it is!  Teaching and asana practice in the morning focusing on backbends, opening the front body and continuing the exploration of the five elements through the two traditions.  A beautifuly instructed aukward yet flowing practice, intended to bring the attention back to the self, through the senses, to "remember your self".  Followed by divine nourishing food and then an intense and very real afternoon and evening of tending the sacred fire, entering the inipi (sweatlodge) and communing with mother nature in the womb.  May all our prayers be hear.

To All My Relations


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Sabor de Amor now open for divine nourishment!

Thank you all for an incredible opening night, there was so much love, joy and gratitude and we shine it all right back at you.  Create your reality!

Come visit for wonderful organic love infused nourishment from around the world.

This Wednesday we will be showing the Woody Allen film, Match Point, (La Provocacion) in its original English with Spanish subtitles.  The film will begin at 9pm and we will be serving our delicious organic pizza and salad with some other specials.  No cost of entry.
On Thursday we will have a full dinner menu with open mike starting at 8:30.  Come share your songs, stories, poems and a bit of yourself with us.  Sign up will start at 6pm. 
On Friday we will have a new exotic dinner menu with live music from a local returning band, La Leyenda.  This highly skilled three piece group will be playing prehispanic, flamenco, latin, boleros and more

Operating hours:
8am to 4 pm, Tuesday through Saturday
10am to 3pm, Sunday: Brunch
6pm to 12am Wednesday: Pizza and Film night
6pm to 12am Thursday: Open Mike @ 8:30pm
6pm to 1am Friday: Live Music (This week LA LEYENDA:  Prehispanic, Flamenco, Boleros, latino and more)

Look forward to seeing you soon!  We love you!

See the website for more information:

Will post picts soon… love, blessings and gratitude to all you beautiful souls!

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Grand Opening of Sabor de Amor!

Jan 14, 2010 by RaicesyBrazos


This Friday will be the Official Opening of "Sabor de Amor" @ Raices Y Brazos!!!
There will be live music from 7pm through midnight, with an assortment of performances, dancing, laughing, engaging wonderful people and joyous moments, surrounded by an array of organic divine foods, exquisite morsels and lavish treats from around the globe.
The festivities begin at 6pm and plan to wrap up by 1am.  You are strongly encouraged to make a reservation for dinner to ensure your place.
This will be the continuation of so many incredible gatherings and the beginning of many more.
We so look forward to celebrating with all of you our beautiful community in this sacred communion.
Blessed to be,

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Love and gratitude for the ever present moment

Jan 1, 2010 by RaicesyBrazos


I am writing to wish us all a perfect closing of the past year and to invite us all to set clear intentions for the year to come.  Evolution is accelerating, consciousness is expanding, we are learning more quickly, our actions come back to us immediately, change is upon us and the time is now.  Let us move together towards our collective betterment.  Let us walk hand in hand, all teachers and all students, with understanding, care and compassion, towards a unified consciousness of oneness and love for all beings.

Let us live together in understanding; to stand under, to support each other and the self in this journey.
Let us live together in remembrance; to remember is to return to the source, to become a member again, for ourselves and for the community of life around us.

What are you grateful for?
What will you embody now?
What does your perfect life look like without limitations?
What does it feel like to truly love and embrace who you are?

I invite us all to take these questions to heart and create a clear vision of the reality we choose to live.

Love, blessings and eternal gratitude to all you beautiful teachers, students, friends, siblings, children and parents… may we all be one in the heart of the divine


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