Organic Catering by Sabor de Amor!

Apr 9, 2009 by RaicesyBrazos

Through Raices and our healing work at Sabor we have created a market for Catering retreats, conscious events, gatherings and parties…

Some Picts from our catering gigs:

Happy body helps happy mind and happy soul…  beautiful experiences, thank you all and many more to come!

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The Original Sabor de Amor (Taste of Love)

Apr 9, 2009 by RaicesyBrazos


Sabor de Amor, Taste of Love, was manifested as a branch of this beautiful community of Raices to reach out and nourish folks through homegrown local organic foods infused with love adn intention.  In its original location it was overlooking the surfbreak of Zippers here in San Jose del Cabo.  After a year of service, laughs, tears, lessons and living, it has been layed to rest in its original local and is being transformed on a larger scale in the garden of the community center Raices y Brazos. 

The cafe managed to be an incredible collaboration of amazing folks, talents, insights, education and inspiration.  It turned out that unbenounced to us, the location had been held within our extended family here for many years.  Now it moves on and is taking form on a whole new scale…

Here are some picts from the original spot:

Photos of the new Sabor under construction will come soon!!!

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